Your largest PUBG questions answered

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is an internet, multiplayer survival undertaking at the PC where you and as a great deal as ninety-eight of your closest pals — and possibly at least one Twitch streamer — skydives onto an island in which you look for weapons and system this is then used to kill surely all and sundry else.

That’s a short explanation of what the game is, but if you’ve been curious about why it’s so famous or harassed via a few factors of this phenomena, that is a top-notch area to begin. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is unusual and idiosyncratic activity, however, it’s not an overnight achievement and there’s a motive it blew up in the way it has.

Let’s dig in.



Because it’s a completely well-known sport. SteamSpy estimates 6. Five million game enthusiasts have offered the $29.99 recreation from Steam, and it’s been reliably camped out within the top 10 nice-sellers for Steam in view that its release in March 2017.

It’s also a hit amongst streamers and YouTube personalities, due to every its stylish recognition and its capacity to reliably serve up interesting moments in every spherical. It’s frequently in the top five maximum famous games on Twitch.

So the quick answer is that everybody is shopping for it or as a minimum watching it, which leads to people speak me about it.


We agree it’s a silly name, with the aid of some way handling to combine something very precise with the very fashionable inside the maximum dull way viable, even as additionally now not providing a great acronym. That’s difficult to drag off.

Brendan Greene is the game’s innovative director, and he is going via “Playerunknown” online. He’s built up a following beneath that call developing the “Battle Royale” recreation mod for Arma three and then consulting on H1Z1 to create reliable Battle Royale-stimulated modes.

The Battle Royale mode, named for the Japanese film the Hunger Games is regularly accused of ripping off, pits a group of gamers in the direction of every one-of-a-kind to be the remaining individual left alive. That idea served as the fundamental shape for PUBG’s standalone release.

But you may call a recreation after a movie without paying someone to apply the copyrighted phrase, and the phrase “battlegrounds” is likewise a copyright nightmare. So right here we are.

“It’s best referred to as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds due to the reality ‘Battlegrounds’ you can’t get a copyright on,” Greene advised Business Insider. “You clearly can’t. So calling it Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds [makes sense] as it emerges as Playerunknown’s Battle Royale earlier than that.”

The reliable name is actually PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, however, few publications use the caps.

“It’s all caps because it seems better as all caps,” Greene said. “No other purpose. I’m not shouting it.”

Most lovers truly name it pubg zombie mode, with different tiers of capitalization. Verbally, it normally seems like “Pub-Gee” or, less regularly, like “Plunkbat.” We’re keen on “GunCarBackpack” throughout the workplace.



The recreation is most effective at the PC for the instant, and most effective to be had thru Steam or on the game’s official net web page. The non-Steam link at the web page will provide you with a download code that needs to be activated on Steam, however, so it’s basically a Steam unique.

There has now not been any kind of bodily release, and possibly won’t be till the game is out of early get entry to.

There is probably a launch on the Xbox One in 2017, using the console’s Game Preview (early get admission to) application. PlayStation fanatics are out of a good fortune in the meanwhile, but the game’s developer stated that they maintain to study exclusive structures without imparting any strong data.

What this possibly method is that Microsoft has paid for timed exclusivity on consoles, however, a PlayStation 4 version will eventually be launched. There’s clearly not whatever reputable yet.